Sarara Foundation

Namunyak, Samburu Kenya


The Sarara Foundation is working to protect the 850,000-acre Matthews Forest Range, located in the heart of Northern Kenya, the wildlife and Indigenous Samburu who call this land their home.


The Challenge

  • 70% of Africa’s wildlife exists outside of National Parks and Reserves.
  • Most of Africa’s remaining biodiversity is co-habited by wildlife and Indigenous Peoples.
  • Preserving this biodiversity is key to turning around the climate crisis, as these areas are major carbon sinks.
  • The cycle of poverty in Indigenous communities is deepening due to Rapid urbanisation, Loss of indigenous identity, Biodiversity loss, irreversible loss of species, Critical watershed damage and climate change

The Landscape

In the northern frontier of Kenya, in the heart of Samburu, lies Namunyak Wildlife Conservancy, an area of 850,000 acres of wilderness in the Mathews Range - a critically important watershed for Northern Kenya.

Namunyak Conservancy is home to 23,000 nomadic Samburu pastoralists, Kenya’s 2nd largest elephant population, Kenya’s largest population of Reticulated giraffe, as well as endangered Grevy Zebra, hyena, kudu, lion and leopard.

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The Health Yetu & Sarara Foundation Projects

See here the current collaborative projects to improve healthcare in the the region.

Medical Outreach November 2022

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