CHAT (Communities Health Africa Trust) - Nanyuki, Kenya


CHAT's strategy is to be flexible. They integrate multiple methods of mobility in order to reach communities in a wide variety of terrains and environments. This flexibility is CHAT’s core strength, as it enables CHAT to provide services to all people in need, regardless of the conditions presented.

For most people to access family planning and basic health services in rural Kenya they must travel vast distances in order to reach their nearest health facility. This often incurs a financial burden that they cannot afford. Additionally, the stigmas created by misinformation, as well as traditional, cultural and religious barriers, often prevent the populace from seeking out family planning and other HIV/AIDS services. In order to overcome these obstacles, CHAT must deliver all our innovative door-to-door services using whatever means it takes to reach those in need, i.e. flexibly integrating the CORPs via CHAT’s Back-Pack door to door approach, motor vehicles, and camels.

Underpinning CHAT's theory of change is a set of core beliefs informed by decades of family planning work in Kenya. These beliefs guide the philosophy of CHAT's approach.

  1. With the reduction of family size, populations reduce pressures on the environment.
  2. CHAT believes increased family planning use reduces suffering of everyone, but in particular women.
  3. When suffering and struggles are reduced individuals and communities can stop making choices out of desperation that are often costly for the environment.
  4. When you increase the spacing between children both mother and child have better health outcomes.
  5. Individuals can contribute more towards livelihood and economic opportunities when family size is manageable. This includes social opportunities, education and economic outcomes for all individuals in the community.
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