LIONS SightFirst Eye Hospital (LSEH)

Nairobi, Kenya

Established in 1997, the Lions SightFirst Eye Hospital (LSEH)stands as a beacon of hope and health in Africa, with a primary mission to promote eye health and offer comprehensive eye education to all, regardless of socio-economic backgrounds. Beyond clinical excellence, their broader goal encompasses eye education initiatives, rehabilitation, sight enhancement services, and a robust rural community outreach program ensuring quality eye care reaches even the most remote corners of the continent.

Lions SightFirst Eye Hospital (LSEH)
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LIONS SightFirst Eye Hospital

As a local organization, LSEH operates as a top-tier eye care institution, embodying excellence and commitment. Their dedication to eye health shines through in their clinical services, and their efforts are further amplified with an active eye bank. With roots deeply embedded since 1997, LSEH has continually expanded its scope, emerging as a benchmark in eye care, education, and rural community outreach across Africa. The Health Yetu Foundation funds and co-organizes surgical eye-camps with LIONS SightFirst Eye Hospital in rural/remote areas in Kenya.

LIONS SightFirst Eye Hospital website

The Health Yetu Foundation & LIONS SightFirst Eye Hospital Projects

See here the current collaborative projects to improve healthcare in the region.

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