M.P. Shah Hospital

Nairobi, Kenya

To be East and Central Africa's premier healthcare provider, offering top-tier, patient-focused care. The hospital is dedicated to excellence in medical services, fostering advancements in healthcare and surgery through esteemed partnerships.


M.P. Shah Hospital

Explore the world-class healthcare services at M.P. Shah Hospital, ideally located in Nairobi's Parklands area. As a leading private hospital in Kenya, it boasts a legacy of medical excellence with its team of esteemed specialists and devoted medical staff. M.P. Shah Hospital stands out for its consistent delivery of high-quality healthcare and personalized patient care, earning it a reputation as a top-notch medical institution for generations.

With its status as a national referral center and a quality management certified facility, M.P. Shah Hospital exemplifies healthcare superiority. The hospital's affiliation with COSECSA underscores its commitment to advanced surgical education and training in the region.

The M.P. Shah hospital website

The Health Yetu Foundation and M.P. Shah hospital Projects

See here the current collaborative projects to improve healthcare in the the region.

Surgical Symposium

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